To attend a RUDY ROOTS party is to be swept up in a sea of skanking feet and sweat- soaked bodies gyrating to the rhythm of an ever-surprising trip through genres.

Effortlessly combining styles from Roots Reggae to Rub a Dub, modern Reggae beats, Hip Hop Remix, Nu Roots, Raggajungle and Digital, the unmatched dynamism of a Rudy Roots DJ set maintains an inescapable energy from start to finish. With 17 years performing internationally and 8 years organizing and promoting the now legendary 'Reggae Rules the Beach' parties in North Goa, India, Rudy is a master of the art of selecting and mixing, an intuitive conductor of audiences.

A RUDY ROOTS' event is an experience not to be missed...


Check the latest mixtape of Rudy Roots, a blend of Digital Reggae and Raggajungle including artists like Lutan Fyah, Mr Williamz, Tenor Youthman and more...

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Check Rudy Roots' most listened mixtape, this one is also a blend of Digital Reggae and Raggajungle including artists like Peter Youthman, Doubla J, Little Harry, Skaya, Manu Digital and more...

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Adding to his DJ skills, RUDY ROOTS is also Producer. He is now preparing a first EP, including a few international artists like Donovan Kingjay (UK/JA)Original Tomawok (France)Christos DC (US) and the veteran Daddy Freddy (UK/JA) on his own Riddims that will be released in 2020 | The date of the release will be announced soon.


After the success of “Ganjaman EP” featuring Dub Unit and Speng Bond, follows a full album of remixes of this ganja tune. Cubículo gathered producers from all over the world to collaborate on this release, where you can find many different influences and styles gathered around Speng Bond lyrical talent. From Roots Reggae, passing through Digital & Dub and crossing the finishing line on a deep dark Dubstep.

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Listen to "Million Stylez & Richie Riott - Gimmi Di Vapor" remix made by Rudy Roots for a contest organized by Dreadsquad, producer from Poland.

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Rudy Roots is running events in Goa and abroad under the name REGGAE RULES THE BEACH.

REGGAE RULES THE BEACH is running Reggae Dub Jungle events in Goa (India) since 2011. Promoting every Reggae style is the aim of Reggae Rules The Beach, from Roots music to Digital Reggae, Raggajungle or Dub, there is taste for everybody!
Official partner of the now famous Goa Sunsplash Festival since 2016, Reggae Rules The Beach runs events in stunning places in Goa and provides some of the best parties you can find in India including international reggae artists, live MCs, Live sets, DJ sets...
One of the main events run by REGGAE RULES THE BEACH, called "RIVA POOL PARTY", takes place in  Riva Beach Resort  (Mandrem) and is one of the most famous Pool Parties in GOA
From October / November until March / April, come experience the niceness of the Reggae Music under the Sun, the palmtrees and good vibes...
>>> Curated by Riva Beach Resort and Reggae Rules The Beach aka GOA LINK UP


Riva Pool Party is a unique burst of reggae music set in an enchanting venue in Goa. The party welcomes a wide range of like minded people; expressing, diversity, love and unity. Guaranteed to put smiles on your faces every Sunday Afternoon.

Located on the Northern Goan coast, Riva Beach Resort is an exotic and charming place with beach, pool, grass and sand. All of natures elements in one place. From the dance floor you can set your eyes across the river to the golden dunes and watch the sunset upon the sea. From skanking on the dance floor, bobbing along to reggae in the pool or even chilling on the grass under the palm trees. There is a vibe for everyone.

The Sunday party is a gathering of friends, families and bringing the community together. It has a mix and blend of all types of people. Children are often found splashing in the pool or enjoying the circus skills on the grass. Its a celebration for international wild tribes dancing and flowing to one rhythm. The party is inclusive for all the community to express their talents, through fire shows, hooping, juggling and more.

The music is the ultimate frequency, bringing a wide range of rhythms from reggae, roots, dub and jungle selections. Creating a light and airy mood for the daytime and then transforming to an intimate vibration at night. An infusion of styles for everyones satisfaction and creating the fire on the dance floor.

To add to all this beauty, there is also incredible flavors of foods and drinks and we are moving towards a more eco-friendly catering service.
Come and enjoy for the positive vibes, a dreamy location, a powerful unity and one love.
One Love 🙏